Tuesday, March 30, 2010

All About Them

My friend Kristi is motivating me to "organize" my blog. She posted about how she was planning to concentrate on one subject per day on her blog. I tried that about a year ago. It worked well, but I slipped away from it, so I'll give it a whirl again. I thought of copying her idea for Tasty Tuesday, sharing recipes here. But then you would have to decide whose recipes you would be cooking, and I wouldn't want to put that pressure on you. So we'll call Tuesday "All About Them." I'll update you on what my little darlings are doing with their lives. (Please hold your applause, and look for recipes on Thursdays.)

Jay and Kris are still in Marengo, still raising 4 great kids. Kris is attending school, courtesy of the GIBill, and, therefore, your tax dollars. She's doing well, so you can rest assured that your money is being spent wisely. There may be big news about them this fall, but that's all I'm told.

Matthew and Keri are in their last 5 months of Army life. Their plan is to move here to Illinois, where he'll study Criminal Justice and she'll beg him to buy a horse. Get a job, Keri; ponies ain't cheap!

Ethan is doing well at MCC. He's planning a big summer of Civil Air Patrol activities, including a trip to Britain as an IACE participant. If his suitcase gets really heavy, he should check for air holes. Someone who shall remain nameless -cough cough- may have sandwiched herself inside! He'll be home in time to maybe join us for a family camping trip and then he'll start his Paramedic coursework.

Mary is spending her days avoiding Math, working with Skye and Wakiya, and making dreamcatchers. One of these days she plans to open an Etsy shop. She was thinking of studying veterinary medicine in the future, and spent the last year and a half or so job shadowing our bovine vet to see what that was like. She decided that was not for her, and is now considering becoming a veterinary technician. She'll be job shadowing over the next few months, with a local small animal clinic, and also a regional horse clinic. I am so excited for her! One of the best parts of homeschooling is the flexibility to do such things, and she is so blessed to be able to do them.

So now you're caught up on the doings of our kiddos. The grandchildren are spending their time growing, aggravating their parents, and charming the rest of us. It's a rough job, but someone's gotta do it!

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