Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Fun

Yeah, missed blogging yesterday, and you missed out on a good recipe. I made Beef Stroganoff from a recipe from Cooks Illustrated Magazine. I just discovered this about a month ago, and was planning to order a subscription tout de suite. BUT I discovered their other magazine, Cooks' Country, and can't decide between the two. May have to do both...

Yesterday I got the second round of transplants started, including BEANS. I have never started those from transplants, having been taught young that they don't transplant well. But I hate waiting for those fresh beans, and I've been seeing them in the garden stores over the past few years. Now, I suppose that's a nice way for them to make a few more bucks, but I decided to start them in peat pots. Maybe that will work, maybe not; call it an experiment.

Today, potatoes will finally go in the ground. I am planting Yukon Gold, Kennebec, and Red Pontiac. I need to get some Russets, too, but not yet. I'm worried about the Yukon Gold doing well, because they came from the store and who knows if they've been treated to prevent sprouting. the produce lady told me she didn't think so, and they've sprouted from this distributor before, so, again, another experiment! I picked them up at the store because I couldn't find any in the local garden stores, and they were just too doggone expensive from my usual potato place. I actually haven't ordered from them in a couple of years, because of the expense. But they have varieties I haven't seen anywhere else, so I keep getting their catalogs.

Mary is off at the vet clinic, John and Mom are having bacon and eggs, and the horses need hay. I should get off, and head out to feed them. In my hustle and bustle I will stop today and remember that this is Good Friday. I've been asked why it's "Good." If Jesus died, why is that "Good"? Because His Death and Resurrection opened the way to Heaven for you and me, gave us the hope of eternal life, and redeemed all of creation from Adam's Fall. I would call that..Good.


Rachel said...

Pastor Ayers brought up another connection to the "good" of Good Friday. The crucifixion was on the 6th day, as was the creation of mankind. In the same way that the work of the 6th day in Genesis was "very good", the new-creation work Jesus did on Good Friday was also "very good." I thought that was pretty cool.

Melody said...

Oh, yeah. I missed that this evening...but I LIKE it.