Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another New Friend

Yesterday was hot and humid, but that didn't stop Lindsay and Mary from wanting to ride! Lindsay is a friend of Mary's from 4H. She'll be using Hope this summer to participate in the 4H horse show at our Fair in August. She's started coming over to work with Hope; she and Mary school "the girls" and get some rides in.

Yesterday they didn't feel like riding. It was really hot. But they did longe the horses and spend some time brushing and loving on them. While we were out watching them we heard a sound. Mary asked what it was; I replied that I thought it was a catbird. Then we realized it sounded really young. We thought maybe it was a kitten.

Sure enough, we searched through the honeysuckle and pine by the highway and found this little guy.

He's living in our utility room right now, which is safest, considering all the interest he has generated from the long-term residents. Some of them are not amused.

But he won't be living here long. He'll probably be moving in early June to live with the Seanster, who fell in love instantly. (His mom did so sooner.) The kitten's name? Well, I'm still hoping someone will someday let me name a kitten Gigantor, the Wonder Cat. But this is not that day. We've been bouncing around Elvis, Fred, Figaro, Tux, and a few others. Time will tell.