Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And So It Begins

With the heat and humidity of summer comes the invasion of the insects. We have already had some of the flying ants that we see this time of year. Behind them will come the larger, carpenter-types. I've used boiling water on a few anthills around the yard; most of those were the small, red type. June bugs, who don't read calendars, have been bumping into the screens at night when the lights are on. We've had our first mosquito bites. Flies come next. This is the first one I swatted in the house; it won't be the last.

After the flies, come earwigs, picnic bugs, and fleas and ticks. Thankfully, we don't see those last two very often. Dragonflies are followed by squash bugs, box elder bugs and ladybugs. Lots of other varieties pop on and off the radar, but those are the biggies. After them, is it any wonder that we are actually glad for the fall frost?

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Susan said...

I saw a dragonfly already yesterday. I'm worried about what that might portend for the mosquito population.