Sunday, July 4, 2010

Saturday Farm Report

One of the joys of country living is that people love to visit. Now, being a little extroverted, I call it a joy. John, not an extrovert, calls it a vocation. Yes, providing vacations for others is our vocation. That means that we're realistic about the details, but look forward to the fun.

This weekend cousins from Iowa have joined us. Tonight we settled down for a movie, complete with popcorn, and the artillery was pounding. By that, I mean the fireworks. Yes, we have fireworks in the country. The difference is, almost every homeowner treats his neighbor to a pyrotechnic show. We do not; we just watch theirs! Tonight was a little scary, though, especially for the horses. Suffice it to say that these would make terrible cavalry steeds! The noise really had them upset.

Tomorrow there'll be more noise, so I don't anticipate any riding. But the Fourth is one of my favorite holidays!

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