Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday Farm Report

Back home again, after 3 days in a foreign land. Indiana, that is.

We came home to RAIN. It started out as simple rainstorm, and became a torrential downpour by the time we got to the house. Since we had planned a campout with our family for the weekend, we were plenty disappointed. We weren't going anywhere, just camping out on the farm, but it is still a disappointment. We still managed to grill some brats and have a nice family evening with all the grandchildren, children and an aunt and uncle thrown in for more noise. We may try it again tonight, although NOAA is still mentioning rain. We'll camp inside tonight, if it happens.

There are beaucoup tomatoes in the garden. I need to hit the WalMarts for some household products, and Woodmans on Monday for groceries. I also want to find some peaches and get them canned. The tomatoes and peaches will make for a hot, steamy canning adventure, but I'll be glad of it in the winter months. And that's what central air is for, right?

A jar of pickles hit the ground last night, courtesy of a helpful grandchild. He was trying to load pop into the frig so it would be cold, and out fell a half gallon jar of that cucumber salad I mentioned a while back. Never fear! There are also plenty of cukes in that garden, so we'll make more. It helps to have Keri here; she jumps in and cooks, slices, and even cleans at the drop of a mention.

So, there's my day. Feed critters, hit the farmers' market, WalMart and a local orchard. Come home, can peaches. Harvest tomatoes. Can those, maybe tomorrow, if I run out of steam (Bwahahahaha!) Grandchildren coming for supper and possibly a sleepover. A normal Saturday, here on the Farm!

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