Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back in the saddle, yet again!

Yeah, I took an unannounced blogging break. It just seems like there's one thing, then another, then five more. But I will try to be back for good this time.

Celebrated an anniversary this weekend. 29 years. I remember when only old people were married that long. Go figure.

Canned peaches last week. I think I'll freeze them next year. They always float in the jar, leaving me with half jars of peaches for all my work. Frustrating.

I spent yesterday helping my sisters clean out Mom's dresser. I found a poem I had been looking for for a LOOONG time. I will share it here tomorrow. It's titled Gold Star Mother. Bring Kleenex.

Today is planting in the garden, going through old, old, pictures, (some are pre-1920) and heading to work. But I've had some coffee and it's a gorgeous day. If I could sing in public, I'd be singing this today.

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