Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday Farm Report

Missed a couple of blogging days...I was out working. For pay. Really. Someone pays me to do things. It's a wonderful world.

Today, after sleeping in, we got right on all those chores we've been putting off because we're busy working. For pay. First up; mow the lawn and garden. Next up, find out the push mower is shot, as is the belt on the riding mower. So the garden will wait until we find and buy another push mower. And the lawn will wait until about 2 hours from now, when Matthew returns from his "just an hour, Mom," lunch and trip to buy a new belt.

Next up, buy feed. I did that, having a nice conversation with Sue, the feed lady. Nice is relative. Actually, I learned that, if I find raccoon scat in my barns, I should wear a mask when cleaning it up. Apparently a friend of theirs didn't, inhaled some sort of spores from the dust coming off the dried feces, and ended up in the hospital with a horrible lung infection. Yuck.

After the feed, I cleaned out the turkey hut. It had been horribly neglected, and smelled gaggingly nasty. But I got all the yuck out and replaced it with fluffy bedding. Wait, no, didn't do that yet. Matthew took the truck, which had the bedding in the back of it. So the turkeys are chilling outside of their clean hut. Have no fear, little flock. When Matthew is back, you'll have your hut back, too.

Next up is digging through this archaeological region I call my desk. I would be mowing the garden, but, well, you know about that. I stayed up late last night, looking up information for our trip to Europe next spring, and made a mess of my desk. Before I go to work, I need to bring some order to it. So I'll end my report and let you get back to your lives! Toodles!

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