Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Day After

Well, bunion surgery completed. Bunion surgery recovery begun...

So far, so good. Had some really strange dreams last night, no doubt helped along by the drugs they had given me. The pain is far less than I was led to expect. It started last night, and having been told that my doctor "really numbs up his patients," I was nervous. It wasn't bad, but I was concerned that I was still numb and would hurt more as time went on. But, this morning, I was able to walk around pretty well. The boots help; they're solid, but have rocker bottoms to help with a natural gait. On the other hand, sometimes I felt like one of those punching clowns. Specifically, like I was going to rock backwards and land on my back! But I think I've gotten used to it.

I've spent today sitting/lying on the sofa, letting my minions get me what I need. Mary has been a great help. John, too. Poor guy. He got about 3 hours of sleep last night, because of me, and then headed out for a full day of work. Mary's got some sinus crud, and complained a bit about going out in the cold for the horses. But she's also been doing laundry and making me coffee and lunch. And she and I watched a chick flick this afternoon.

Tomorrow I'll go to the doc and see them unwrapped for the first time. Want pictures? I'll leave it up to you!

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