Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Before...And After




Anonymous said...

You look like your ready for a walk on the moon! And I see your smiling...the pain meds must still be working! :)

Glenda said...

Yes Jeni - I love her space boots!

And I love the new brown blog background!

Happy Recovery Melody!

Laura said...

My mom had both of her feet done and they look great now and function much better for you have to wear old lady shoes now? :)

Melody said...

Laura, the main reason I did this was because both my mom and grandmother had severely deformed feet. Their bunions made their toes move to an unbelievable angle away from center. They could only wear sandals at the end of their lives, and my grandmother's were more for keeping the cold off her feet, as they really didn't fit right. My toes were starting to shift, and I could see the writing on the wall! I wanted to do this before I had to worry about that.

Anonymous said...

ah yours arent as bad as mine. Ive got moms pre toes