Saturday, December 11, 2010


Still in Iowa. The weather today looks more like March than December, although the potential exists to be snowed in here. Rain is falling, but it's beginning to be mixed with sloshy "wintry mix," and snow is to follow later this evening.

This week on the farm was frustrating. I mentioned preparations for my foot surgery. Among those included getting the animals to a point where 1 person can take care of them in less than half an hour morning and evening. It's not working. My farm crew, which works so well on other peoples' farms and ranches, is not as enthusiastic about our own. Our place is in constant disarray, which, usually aggravating, is now anxiety-producing. How will someone else find what is needed at the right time? Well, that will be their problem. I'll be communing with Netflix and travel websites, not the critters.

The house itself is in good shape; tidy and organized, with one or two exceptions. I'll clear those up on Monday. I need Tuesday for hunting and gathering, and, then, we'll be good to go, meaning good for me to be ensconced on the couch. I'll have a servant and a service bell. Yay, me!!

But, for today, that is all miles and days away. Today I get to see my favorite chapter of the Narnia Chronicles on the wide screen! Reepicheep, Aslan and Caspian...three of my favorite guys!! Lunch with another cousin, a Bourne movie tonight, German home cooking and good friends. Ahhh......

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