Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Ride in the Country

This morning we woke at dark thirty to take a ride in the country.

But first, we had to cuss and swear because the alarm, which should have been set for 5:30am, was set for 5:30PM. So we woke up at 6:45am, more than an hour late.

Then we had to cuss and swear because middle-aged bones and muscles are not excited about getting out of a nice, warm, flannel-sheeted bed into 66 degree air to dress for 6-8 degree air.

Then we had to cuss and swear because we realized we could not drive the truck into the backyard, due to snow.

Then we cussed and swore some more as we caught and carried 25 chickens from their huts to the back of the pickup. And some more, as they flapped their chubby little wings in protest. One caught me right good on the ear. I swore.

Guess what we did when we realized we'd made a wrong turn?

And when we realized that the roads we found ourselves on were still nasty from this weekends snowpocalypse?

Yes, we cussed and swore when we realized that we were later...and later...and later...than we planned, which was arranged around the schedule of our chicken butcher, who is NOT a nice man when people show up on time, much less late. Something about killing hundreds of flapping, living beings makes him grouchy on Kill Day.

But, you know, I've never heard him cuss and swear.

In the end, though, our chickens were delivered, and dispatched. Tomorrow, while I slumber in an operating room, our (dead) chickens will be picked up by our youngest son and deposited in our freezer.

I imagine he'll cuss and swear about something. He has such good role models!


Elisha said...

Your post about cussing and swearing made me laugh and giggle!
Will be thinking of and praying for you tomorrow. Hope you are back up and em' soon!

Cheryl said...

You're a pip, Melody, a real pip. (Name that allusion.) Thanks for the laugh. How did you get to be so funny, anyway?

Will be thinking of you tomorrow and looking forward to seeing you in a few days! Wanna sell me a few chickens?

Melody said...

Well, um, I was thinking Great Expectations.
Just for yucks, I looked it up. This is what WikiAnswers had to say;

well it is actually pimp, and it means that you are either a jock who thinks much of himself or you are a stuck-up person who wears "cool" clothing and thinks he is all that. why did they call you that?

Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_does_you%27re_a_pip_mean#ixzz188d3Mceb


Cheryl said...

WikiAnswers is full of it. I was quoting Archie Bunker, who on more than one occasion on All in the Family, said to his wife: "You know what, Edith? You're a pip, a real pip." He usually said it affectionately after she had told one of her nutty stories. :-D

I think the series ended (before it became Archie Bunker's Place) with Edith telling Archie that he was a pip.

Melody said...

I KNEW you weren't meaning that. And I forgot all about Archie Bunker!