Tuesday, December 28, 2010

On the Fourth Day of Christmas...


This was the fun kind of shopping, where I take Christmas gift money and spend it on things I'd like, but somehow never get around to getting.

I bought a new snowman. I have a shelf above my kitchen sink, where I put seasonal decorations. For winter, I use snowmen. Some of my snowmen had seen better days, so I retired them last year. This guy

is one of the replacements. Notice he's a farmer? And you can see our red barn there, on his tummy.

I bought some sewing things. A seam ripper, (those doggone things are always disappearing) some fabric-marking pens, and a nifty little contraption that lets me measure the hem length on my newly-made skirts while I wear them. A little attachment puffs marking chalk onto the skirt at whichever level I set for it. This is not something I would probably have bought for myself, and I am really grateful for the gift of being able to do so.

Oh, and a yoga DVD.

I like me some yoga, but I'm too cheap to actually pay for a class. So I have a few videos, and they're really helpful.

I stopped into Barnes and Noble, too, but I was disappointed. They didn't have what I was looking for. They could have ordered it, and they told me I could also try their online store. But I thought, "All these books, and none are the ones I want?" Guess my taste in books is too odd.

I overdid the walking thing today, and my feet are letting me know about it! They hurt, and I am back on the couch for the night. Oh, well, the shopping was fun. And I have some cash left over, so I'll get to do it again!!


Anonymous said...

Fun! I (so far) have only bought a new cast iron skillet with my Christmas money. Yay hardware store! ;)

Melody said...

OH, yeah, I love the hardware store as much as John does. Nowhere else can I find the stuff I find there,