Friday, December 31, 2010

On the Seventh Day of Chirstmas...

I did too much.

I had been very good to my feet during my first two weeks after surgery. These past three days or so, I've been testing them. They failed. I am back on the couch, and not minding at all, thank you.

Before I learned my lesson yesterday, I did some picking up in our basement. That's a no-no right there, walking down the stairs. Then I canned some turkey broth.

One of my traditional Christmas Day activities is to make turkey broth. When we clean up the kitchen, someone picks the turkey carcass. It's just 5 minutes more work to drop that puppy into a stockpot, add some veggies, and set it to simmer. This year, I made it even easier. I put all the ingredients into my covered roaster and left in a 225 degree oven overnight. The house smelled great in the morning, and all we had to do was turn off the oven, wait a few hours, strain the broth, and stick it in the frig. Once the fat had come to the top and solidified in the cold frig, we pulled it off to make an almost fat-free broth. We used it to make turkey soup and turkey pie (two of which went into the freezer) then had about 6 quarts left to can. One went back in the frig, and these five went into the canner. I'll use them throughout the cooler months to make quick suppers and lunches. And one can will stay in the cupboard so that, next Christmas, when I make stuffing, I can use turkey broth instead of chicken!

Although I was on my feet only about 20 minutes while doing the canning, and up and down enough during the day so that my "vertical time" was about 2 hours, total, my feet were pretty painful last night. Ibuprofen and sleep cure many things, though, and I woke up this morning ready to go again. We had to do some grocery shopping, as our cupboards were bare, except for random ingredients. But, never fear; I used a wheelchair. My feet feel pretty good, even after almost two hours in the store!!

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