Monday, January 3, 2011

The Tenth Day of Christmas

Well, it appears that our new cat, Burr, was not spayed. We still can't double check that, but her belly seems to be expanding, and she seems to be, er, preparing to nurse. Mary has been worrying about her raising kittens in January in northern Illinois. Our reading is reassuring me that this won't likely be a problem; most cats are good moms. And they have to be. One thing I learned during our reading is not reassuring me. Apparently, cats can and do go into heat and can be bred as soon as 48 hours after delivering a litter. It seems they breed like, well, rabbits.

Yes, she will be spayed as soon as possible after delivery!

Update, Wednesday, Jan. 5; Since I couldn't go outside and see her, Mary brought Burr in to me. She is not pregnant, just, probably, really wormy. (Ick) I have wormed her, so that should change soon!

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