Tuesday, February 1, 2011


The White Death.

We are expecting a storm of Biblical proportions here in the Midwest today. Predictions of up to 24" of snow have been heard; 18" seems to be the most popular number, although that has been downgraded to 10" this morning. But that's because some warmer air pushing up from the south may make the snowfall wetter and heavier. So it won't be less snow, just more compacted.

So far, we have about 2 new inches of snow on the ground. Winds are picking up, and mini-drifts are beginning to form. Horses are snuggled into their stalls, although we may let them out for a couple of hours today. The big snowfall is due this evening and into tomorrow.

It's hilarious. This is, after all, the Midwest. It's January. And people are clearing out the stores' shelves, piling milk and bread into their homes, filling gas tanks, buying new shovels and worrying themselves into a frenzy.

I repeat. It's January. In the Midwest. Snow is going to happen, folks. Most likely the most horrific event of the next few days will be you having to stay home from work and play with your kids.

Might want to pick up some whiskey while you're getting milk and bread.

PS I just re-checked NOAA The current prediction is for 13 to 24 inches. In case you're counting.


Cheryl said...

The bread aisle at Jewel last night was totally ransacked. You're right--it's hilarious. Even if we do get walloped, it will all be cleared and plowed by Thursday and we'll all have to go back to our regular lives.

Melody said...

But we must have angst, or we don't feel alive. -sigh-

Kris said...

Silly Melody... It's February.

Melody said...

Just barely...

Elephantschild said...

Normally I'd agree with you guys about the "snoweenies." But I was watching the radar and watching the barometric pressure dropping like a dead fly and so knew that this was actually going to pan our as a substantial storm.

Maybe farther north you got just snow, perhaps. But we had a combination of snow and sleet that is an absolute PITA to shovel. Several freeways 'round here are technically closed, and many rural roads are impassable. I'm not laughing at those who aren't going out today.

Melody said...

Roads are closed all over the place, and we may not get out tomorrow, either. Such is life in the country. I know we gave the snoweeies a lot of grief, but I don't have a problem, either, with those who stay home today. Although the guy on the snowmobile who ran down our road late this morning was having a lot of fun!!

Cheryl said...

"I'm not laughing at those who aren't going out today."

Nor am I. We're not going out either. Just spent the last 3 hours digging out the driveway, sidewalk, and front steps. (To be clear, I didn't dig. I watched and cheered.) I shopped Monday so that I wouldn't have to for several more days. My "snoweenie" teasing was more in line with Roe Conn teasing of the people who were buying out the stores when we'll all be able to go shopping again tomorrow.