Friday, April 15, 2011

Cold and Rainy

Well, NOAA has been predicting rain for a week, and, finally, it's here. But did it have to be a cold rain?

Mary and I headed out this morning, with my aunt, to be girls. We had manicures and pedicures. Finally, it was me getting the pedicure, not some horse. We intended to go to the garden center, to do some research on some plants I'm thinking of adding to the gardens, but not after we walked into Panera for lunch! The temperature had dropped since earlier, and the wind was just plain nasty. On the way home, the rain started. Awful weather.

Remember I told you about my friend, and how she says that baby animals are just looking for a way to die? Well, the meat chicks I ordered came in today. 28 little critters that will someday be barbecuing on my grill, unless they manage to kill themselves first. (See what I did there?) Starting out on this cold, rainy day is a good attempt. Another attempt was made by one who decided to jump into our terrier's mouth shortly after they arrived. Set that bird straight right quick, I did.

Our new little cat, Burr, gave Mary a bit of a scare. Burr was heard meowing at the window in the itty bitty tiny hours of the night, but did not show up for breakfast this morning. While I headed out to pick up birds, Mary headed out to hunt down the cat. She was found in a prone, slumbering position, toasty warm, up in the hayloft. No dumb puddy, that one; she holed up for this nasty day.

Have I managed to convince you that it's a miserable day today? Good. Now you can go back to your more fun one!!


Cheryl said...

It is awful out there, isn't it? And I have to get out in it tonight, in a dress. Yuck. But looking on the bright side, at least our newly seeded back yard is getting some much needed watering! (Seeding was done in bare areas disturbed by the renovation.) When are you going to come sit on our new patio and have a beer with me? I'm smelling ribs . . . .

Julie Middendorf said...

Snow here. Ugh. And wind. And we just got our six little layer girly-girl chicks this morning! All 1 day old and looking healthy, thankfully. But when we picked them up, the gal at the farm supply store said that every one of the Black Austalop chicks went straight from the box and into the water, on purpose. "Stupid chickens, it's like they're trying to die." :)

As we were preparing to leave to go pick them up, Jonathan said, "I can't believe that after waiting all these years we're finally going to get chickens!" He has been waiting a very long time and his enthusiasm and joy is wonderful to behold! :) Thanks again for your encouragement and for sharing your wisdom!

Enjoy the pretty fingers and toes!