Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Farm Report: Pinkopolis Edition

That's the name of the color. Who thinks up these things? And doesn't it coordinate nicely with the scars? That's why I picked it! (OK, no.) I am thinking of decorating my foot further. I'm thinking I'll give the scars a bit of fading time, and then I'll get.......a tattoo. A sprig of lavender, my favorite. Between that and the pedis, that left foot will be durn purty. What say you? Maybe I'll make a movie about it... (obscure reference for my readers who are Daniel Day-Lewis fans)

Today is another grey, rainy day on the farm. I headed out to check the veggie garden, and learned that my greenhouses/bed covers are not quite as spiffy as I first thought. It's a soft rain today, nice for seedlings and newly growing plants. I decided to remove them to let the rain fall. Those puppies are doggone heavy! I also found a leak in our hose system, right at the spigot, so I couldn't even water the plants deeply enough. And I felt pretty silly, standing there in the rain, running a hose on them! Even after 28 years of this, gardening is a learning experience.

I have been informed that someone near here has a cow and heifer calf he wants to sell. The price is decent and I am tempted. So I'll be sorting through that whole thing these next few days. Calf is almost weaned, and turning Mom into hamburger (shut up, this is a farm, you ninny!) would net us enough beef to sell and make back the money we'd spend on them. Calf can then be raised as a pet (yes, you read that right; John misses having cows here) and could be bred for a yearly freezer animal (schizophrenia, much?) we want another animal/two to care for? I mean, he's not letting me get sheep, for cripes' sake, because we're leaving for Europe soon and he doesn't want to be worrying about caring for them. Ah, well, the soap opera that is Pine Ridge Farm.

Hey, how many other blogs do you visit that start out with pictures of pedicures, discuss tattoos, and end the conversation with beef cattle? Bunny trails. Just one of the services we provide.

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Kris said...

Here's a link to some really nice drawings of Lavender. Just felt like trying to help you in your tattoo endeavors.