Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I HATE it When My Dad's Right...

He said I haven't updated my blog lately, and it has been a week...

In a few short days, I will be leaving on that trip I've talked about from time to time. I told myself last week, "Self," I said, "you may not leave home for the next two weeks. Unless it's on fire. Or there's a dire emergency. Or Cheryl decides to let you know when she can meet you for coffee. Which is almost the same as that second option, doncha know?" You know what happened, don't you? Three trips to Suburbia; one for lunch with the aforementioned father-person, and two to pick up some traveler at the airport. Well, I'll show them! That'll be me in a coupla days! I had a day at the doctors' office, and another I split between sitting in a library, waiting for Miss Mary's driving lesson to end, and sitting in the dentist's chair, waiting for the hygienist to finish. (My life is too fast-paced. Gotta slow down!)

Long story short, I've financed a small Arab country with my gasoline bills from the past week, and I've gotten very little done toward getting ready for our trip. I have a top and skirt which need to be sewn; ain't gonna happen. I have flower and veggie beds that need planting and weeding; ain't gonna happen. I need to attend that grammar class; ain't gonna happen. But the trip will!

I have scrapbooked past trips, and, although I love my friends who scrapbook and I love their scrapbooks, I would rather stick an icepick into my eye, repeatedly, than make any of my own. (Yes, Kristi, I will finish the ones for my grandmother and mom!) But I really would like to journal/chronicle this trip-of-a-lifetime. Would it surprise you that I'm thinking of blogging about it?

I've been working on a new blog, that will run while I am gone traveling, and will be my journal of this trip. I've been playing with fonts and templates and colors. Tune in Saturday, when I debut that puppy.

Or Friday. I can't decide which.

Maybe Sunday.

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Cheryl said...

Not Friday. You'll be too busy having coffee with me. :-)