Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rainy Days and Mondays

Today is not Monday, it's Tuesday. Just as Marley was dead, we must make that fact understood.

Monday disappeared in a fog of fumes from an internal combustion engine. In plain English, I spent the day in the car, with short breaks to jump out and deal with something important. A doctor appointment, a trip to the pharmacy, and some grocery shopping. Mundane, housewife-y things. Except for the Italian class last night.

Today will be cleaning, and baking, and drinking coffee while writing pokey blog posts.

On the farm front, horses are confined while it rains, rains and sometimes, snows. April is acting as March this year, with cold rain and surprise flurries. Daily, baby chicks are being successful in their search for Death. 8 of them, so far, since Friday. This is unusual, so I'll be calling Sue at the feed store today to find out how many others are having this issue. Pigs are growing, despite the dogs' attempts to kill them. Veggies are shivering in the garden, although the Chinese cabbage seems happy that it's cold and wet. And all this rain is just foreshadowing the fact that, someday, we'll have to mow the lawn.

Well, someone will. I'll be in Europe.

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Bikermom said...

Europe! Ahhhh......sounds devine. I dream of going there. Been too long.