Tuesday, February 21, 2012

And So It Begins...

Although we have no critters scheduled to give birth here this year at Pine Ridge Farm, we haz babies!

We haven't had a goat here for more than a year, and we miss them. Yes, we do, even though goats have, shall we say, an ethnic connotation? And we are not of that ethnicity? But they are fun to watch and, well, they make really good tacos. So this weekend we went on a goat hunt. Please meet Annie, Hoss and Jack.

Hoss is Mary's little buck kid. He will be a 4H project,and will, hopefully, be sold for mucho dinero at the county fair this summer. (See what I did there?)

Annie is my little doeling. I will keep her, and she will be bred so as to provide goat milk for cheese, and kids for the freezer. Yes, I said that. Did you think, when I said, "They make really good tacos," that I meant they actually came into the kitchen and did the cooking? Silly you.

Annie is facing a little challenge right now. Seems she's fighting off a little infection, perhaps from her umbilical cord, or suffering the effects of the stress of moving her here. She's getting treatment, and we expect things to turn out OK.

Jack (Skellington) belongs to Matthew and Keri, who also like goat tacos, and will be raising him for their freezer. (Unless Matthew has his way.) Jack is a rambunctious little pup. It took about 7 tries to get that somewhat blurry photo of him!

Later this spring, we hope to add some chicks, poults, lambs, pigs and a steer to our collection. Stay tuned!

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