Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday Farm Report

This was a rare Saturday. With major chores handled before the weekend, we found ourselves with time to actually handle some of those things that get shoved to the backs of our minds. Not that we got to do them...

I realized the bills had been neglected, started to pay them, and had to quit.

I started working on the tax return, and had to quit.

We went and picked up hay, which got loaded and hauled here, but not unloaded. That'll happen tomorrow. It'll be my strength-training workout.

We made pizza for supper. About halfway through, I realized there were some good photographs happening all around me. But my hands were covered with olive oil and dough, so they didn't get taken.

Sometime during the day, however, I noticed that my orchid, which if you remember, had put out a bloom spike, had actually burst into bloom. I feel like I have another grandchild!

How pathetic is that?

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