Monday, March 26, 2012

Just When You Get Used to One Thing...

along comes another!

It has been crazy busy here lately. My dad is moving from the house where I grew up, about an hour from here, to one about 8 minutes from here. Now, right now, look around your space. Look at all your stuff, your treasures, the things you live with. How long have they been surrounding you? He's been in that house about 53 years! Imagine, if you can, the stuff. I promise, your imagination can't touch the reality. So we've been down at his house, at least once a week, sorting, cleaning, packing, organizing and staging for this house to be sold. And it worked! He sold it at the end of last week. Now we can head down and continue sorting, cleaning, packing, organizing and actually stuff the stuff into a truck to take it to the storage locker where it will wait to be moved into it's new home!

We've also been working on the yard. The weather has been too terrific for March. Those who have read here before have heard me speak of it as the month of Mud, not March, and that's usually true. In fact, this March has still been muddy. It's just been incredibly warm, also, and we're loving it. Rather than sitting, though, and saying, "This good weather is only temporary," we've been doing garden and farm things. I have two beds planted with cool weather crops; lettuces, broccoli, onions and garlic, and various things growing inside, too. The amaryllis that I talked about two weeks ago is already blooming! And the little goats are eating like little pigs, growing in leaps and bounds, and leaping and bounding in their outside pen. Normally, I'd wait till April to put them outside, but they've been out for a week now.

I pulled mulch off of some of the flowerbeds, and more will be unveiled as this week progresses. I added mulch to a line of lilacs I transplanted from Ranchwife's yard in Wyoming. I put them right under our bedroom windows, so I'm looking forward to sweet smelling springtime sleeps in our future.

(You know, we're all busy, but don't you think Ranchwife should update us on what's happening on the ranch? I do!)

It's hard to believe that it's almost April already, and I'm even getting that familiar feeling that, pretty soon, I'll be saying, "It's hard to believe it's Christmas already." But, ah, such is life this side of Heaven. Now the sewing machine is calling me, and I have an Easter dress to finish, so I'll head off to do that. Ciao!

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