Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday, Monday #2

Yesterday was drop-dead gorgeous. Except for the fact that I missed church, it was perfect.

I headed out early to feed goaties and horses. I repotted some plants, did laundry and had breakfast. Afterward, I went out and planted in the garden. Like other years, I had covered the bed with a sheet of plastic to warm up the soil. I usually do that around March 1, and take it off on April 1. No need this year! I opened it up yesterday, and the ground was as warm as my flannel-sheeted bed at night. So lettuces (Jung's Sweet Repeat and some Red Romaine) went in, and also some French Breakfast and Cherry Belle radishes. Durn. Just remembered that I meant to plant snow peas. Maybe this afternoon...

I also mulched some lilacs that I dug while at Ranchwife's last summer. I planted them under our bedroom windows, so I am looking forward to fragrant bedrooms for many future spring evenings. Minah started weeding some flowerbeds for me, and, since Matthew was over, I set him to readying our outside pen for the little goats. They got outside for their first real romp, and it was gratifying to see them tuck into eating real green grass for the first time! (Yes, I will watch for bloat!) I should have cleaned Wakiya's stall, but it'll be there after school today.

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