Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday Farm Report

This was a long, busy week, with me subbing at Mary's school for three days. It was a good experience, and, hey, I actually got to teach something! Sadly, I had one of those "brain farts" mid-lesson and had my two students staring at me like I was a loon for about 7 minutes. Well, I was a loon. So, I guess I deserved it. But see if you can pull "Quadrature" out of your brain. It's been 38 years since I've had to!

It's getting beautiful here. Spring is coming on early, the grass is greening up, daffodils are blooming today, and we have a nice, loud thunderstorm rolling through. Goaties are growing well, and we need pork in our freezer,so I'm on the hunt for piggies.

Today I'll be heading south to my dad's to help pack up some things and bring them this way, in preparation for his move to town later, when spring is here in earnest. He's been an hour's drive away, and will soon be 8 minutes away, so this is a good thing. I also need to do some weeding and planting. Already! Snow and snap peas should be going in this weekend.

I'll be doing a little more subbing Monday. Tuesday, John has to have a heart procedure done, so we'll be at the hospital for the day. More on that later...

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