Tuesday, June 12, 2012


(No points if you know the reference for the title. You know why.)

Many years ago, my grandmother acquired some mugs commemorating the coronation of England's Queen Elizabeth II. She eventually gave one to me.

Over time, I acquired more Elizabeth mugs. I have one from her Silver Jubilee, and her Golden Jubilee. They live with the Coronation mug in my hutch.

Some countries, when a leader needs commemorating, rush to buy ticky-tack made in foreign countries. Not so our British cousins. All of these were made in Jolly Olde, and I really didn't mean to collect them. The Coronation mug just needed company.

Recently, while web surfing, I found, well, can you guess?

Yep, it arrived yesterday, from Stoke on Trent in Staffordshire. Lovely, translucent bone china. She smiles so happily in her picture. Too bad her hubby had to miss the concert.

Now, I don't use these on a regular basis. Once upon a time, I actually had 2 Coronation mugs; one had the date misprinted. The J was backwards, so it appeared that she'd taken the throne in Lune of 1952. Whoever drank from that mug was teased for being "Looney." But, alas, about 4 years ago, the Lune cup was taken from us after tea one afternoon, victim of a tragic washing accident. So now I don't use the mugs.

I do have the tradition of using them for one cuppa when they first come here, so, today, I had breakfast with the Queen.

Yes, I had cherry pie for breakfast. I made it yesterday with some pie cherries I bought from a local orchard. Mary pronounced it the Best. Cherry. Pie. Ever. And it was. We finished it for breakfast. I suppose I should have had tea in my mug, but I didn't. I'm a Colonial, after all, and, no, thank you, Your Majesty, I will take no tea.

I think my morning brew did originate in one of her former colonies, though. I'm thinking Kenya.

Well, as they say in England these days, Long May She Reign! I'll have more mugs to collect!

(For the record, I'm not collecting "Charles" mugs.)

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