Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday Farm Report

People have been wondering, "When did we last have rain?" Looking at my last post, it seems it's been just about a month, and that rainfall was so hard and fast it didn't "stick." This morning we woke to slow, steady rain. It was a wonderful blessing, although it didn't last. I'd say there's about a half inch out there, and it's done. Enough to wet the ground and tease the grass, but, I'm afraid, not much more. I do hope I'm wrong.

Aside from watching the skies and praying for rain, we've been keeping on keeping on. We've had many, many, horrible, hot days, much like the rest of the country. And, much like the rest of the country, we've been living with it. I dread the next electric bill.

Chickens are growing well. Their date with destiny is this week. Turkeys are becoming obnoxious; they do that, this time of summer. Once the chickens are gone, they'll settle down some. The pigs are really doing well. Their date with destiny isn't until September. Last year, we took then in July, and almost lost one to heat and stress along the way. Hopefully things will be cooler this time. Then again, who thought March and June would be so hot...

We bobbled the Fair. We had intended to show photos again, and a certain young lady's prom dress, and some baked things. But we missed the deadline. We do that alot. Our fault, no use complaining about it.

I've been cleaning and decluttering and organizing, preparing to be a working mom in the fall. Things are looking better, and next up is getting some lessons planned. They won't be perfect, but I'm OK with that. Surviving is more important that excelling, this year!

John is off this weekend at his family's reunion; Minah went along. Miss Mary returns from a youth conference tonight, so I stayed behind to pick her up. I plan some shopping and some lesson planning today; I'd better get to it!

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