Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday Farm Report

This week has been very busy, with lots of organizing and decluttering...attempted. Remember the picture from yesterday?

Well, it's been weeks since we had rain. The fields are dry and cracking, and we've been hoping and hoping. This morning, before I left for work, I considered covering the piles with tarps. I thought, "Most of that stuff is in Rubbermaid-type tubs, and can get rained on. Some of it is not, and I'd hate to lose it. But if I cover things, it will not rain. If I leave them uncovered, it will surely rain, and we desperately need it."

I left it uncovered.

I came home in a downpour which had been going on for about 20 minutes. From what I see on the ground, we got about half an inch. I found my family covering everything for me, which was very helpful. I'm still going to be pitching lots of things, which isn't so bad. We needed to get rid of stuff. This will save me the trouble of a garage sale here.

Grandchildren are here. Mary and Ryan took Joy over to the strawberry farm, and they picked 4 quarts. Later we'll enjoy tacos and the lemon bars I have cooling in the kitchen. Matthew and Keri are repairing and maintaining their car in our garage today. In short, this is one busy farm!

And, as the humidity and heat come up after that rain, I am thankful that it's an air conditioned farm house!

Enjoy your Saturday!

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J.Kruger said...

Not a drop in Wauconda. Just sun