Tuesday, October 16, 2012


How many of you are NOT active on Facebook? I've been using the social network for...I don't know how long. A while. I have a love/hate relationship with the thing. It took me a bit to get used to e-mail. I still don't know how to write a good e-mail, since that involves second-guessing my reader. I prefer face-to-face communication, or, at least, a phone call. Of course, phones have gotten so small that, when I use one, I often end up with a knot in my back for days from propping the thing on my shoulder while I do the normal things a mom has to do.

But I know that progress is important, and e-mail is so cheap and easy that I've come to do most of my communication with friends through that medium. Until recently, with the advent of Facebook. I resisted for a while, until I realized that many of my friends were becoming more active there than in e-mail. So I opened an account.

Things happened along the way. Friends misread friends, fighting began, friends "unfriended" each other, citing "rudeness."

Now, however, a popular Facebook pass-along is a schmaltzy post about the sharing of political viewpoints. A friend of mine posted that she was going to be "blocking" her friends who chose to post political posts. She wanted her Facebook experience to be nicer, and more fun.

I didn't realize that a social network would be nicer, and more fun, when folks left their political opinions out of the mix. After all, don't we talk about politics daily? Are we having a miserable time?

But I figured I would do my best to help my friend to feel better. So I have decided that, for the month leading up to the election, I will post ONLY posts about unicorns and rainbows. Really. My Facebook is All Unicorns and Rainbows, All the Time.

Except on debate nights. Sorry.

So. Check it out. A nicer, more fun, Facebook. Right there on my page!


Ewe said...

I'm still holding out and not doing Facebook. I have a whole list of reasons why, and posts like yours don't encourage me to sign up now! It really is possible to survive in today's world without doing Facebook. Of course I have some nice friends that do Facebook that let me know when something important is announced there or e-mail me photos sometimes.

Melody said...

Ewe, I wish I hadn't started. Now I have friends whose only means of contact is Facebook. I feel that, if I drop off of there, I will not have any way to contact them, and that would be sad. Maybe it already is! But I do envy your freedom from the tyranny of Facebook!

MSgt B said...

Unicorns and Rainbows


I FB ocassionally just for keeping in touch with the kids.