Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturday Farm Report

-sigh- Long week.

The sickness is almost gone. What a wonky thing it was. It started out like allergies, and, for a week, that's what I thought it was. Mary kept telling me, "No, Mom, it's what I've had." I didn't believe her. Then, after a week of snifflies, it hit like, well, like a really bad cold. I slept much of last weekend, and coughed and snuffled through the last week. But you don't really want to hear about that.

This was a long week in other arenas, too. Mary's little truck was brake-less this week, and John had no time to fix them. So I drove the girls in every day, spending twice as much time at work as I needed to. Had I not been coughing and snuffling, I might have gotten a lot of teacher work done. Alas, I was.

Today was working and running and cooking. I fixed some pizza tonight. It was delicious, but the crust lacked something. I think it was because I tried to make a batch and a half of dough, to accommodate the amount of eaters here, but the proportions must have been off.

Outside farm work will have to wait. It was a cold, rainy day.

Not much of a farm report, but it's been, as I said, a long week.

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