Sunday, January 6, 2013

Demon Seed

Something like this

got into our chicken coop last night. I found out about it when Jaeger, Matthew and Keri's dog, went out for his morning constitutional, and came running across the yard carrying one of our chickens in his mouth. He was so proud and happy! I let him have it! All of the dogs got a good tongue-lashing, and avoided me for a good 15 minutes or so. Happily, the bird he carried lived through her ordeal, and is recuperating in the breezeway right now.

When we went to survey the damage, which we thought was dog-induced, we realized the raccoons ripped a screen off of a window to get in. They killed 4 of our 9 birds, meaning that our supply of eggs is going to be drastically reduced for the foreseeable future. The chicken that lived is a lightweight bird. We think she was able to fly up and avoid the masked marauders, but was too slow for the dogs this morning. She was probably pecking unsuspecting on the ground when they came around the corner of the garden/chicken yard.

So, as sweet and cute as those little racconies look, keep this fact in mind; They are of the Devil.

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