Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday Farm Report

Kinda strange to be doing one of's been a while!

We're having a mild winter so far. I really wish we'd get some freezing temps and a good snow. We need the water, and I'd like the fleas, worms, ticks and germs to freeze to death! But we get what we get.

Today we're getting some snow. Big, fluffy flakes that aren't going to last long.

We've turned the corner, and the days are getting longer. I love this time of year, when things are dark and slow, but I love that there's more and more light daily. I've even begun thinking of planting things. The first seed catalogs arrived the day after Christmas, but I was too busy to tuck into them. Soon enough.

For now, though, soft, fluffy snow. Twilighty days. A rest before spring.

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