Monday, May 11, 2009

Manic Monday

Having spent last week in a muscle-relaxer-induced fog, I intend to get this week underway so that we accomplish some things! Since our first "thing" should start in, oh, 5 minutes, and I'm about 30 away from starting...Well, I think it'll be a day of playing catch-up all over the place!

Thoughts about putting out one's back;

1) Avoid doing it again. Easier said than done, when the activity that caused it (riding a horse) brings one such joy. How do you avoid the feeling of warm sun on the face, warm, horsey smell hitting the nose along with various spring scents, the sight of myriad blooming things and deep blue sky, the touch of a velvety nose or the flex of a neck, the creak of saddle leather? Well, maybe avoid the parting of seat and saddle...yeah, that would do it!

2) Nurse it yourself. This was the first time I did. In the past, I headed to the doc too early. This time, I just called, confirmed I was doing sensible things, and told the nurse, "Yes, I promise to come in under those conditions." Well, those conditions didn't happen. Judicious use of pain meds and relaxers, rest, ice, heat, exercises and time, and this is clearing up much faster than it has in the past. Gee. I can take care of the house I live in!

3) Keep daughter at home. I know, I can't. But it has been nice to have a minion I can send to feed animals, lift milk into the car, etc. What'll I do when she leaves? The time is closer by the minute...

4) Make more quick, easy meals. I need to get back to once-a-month cooking. We did it for a while when we first came out here 11 years ago. When we started buying or growing our food in bulk, it seemed silly to thaw the meat to cook the meat to freeze the meat. But it would have made it that much easier when I napped away the afternoon to just pop something frozen into the oven. And we're busy enough that it would help going forward. Maybe I'll do some of that this week; cook, as they did in times gone by, two meals at a time, and freeze one.

5) Thank God for a husband who allows me to rest when necessary. Talking to other wives, there are some that just don't get it when their wife is down for the count. Poor guys would have a happier life if they had a happier wife, doncha think?

Well, enough of this by-the-seat-of-my-pants posting. I have to get the minion up and go visit my dairy farmer friend. We're out of milk!

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