Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday Farm Report

The end of the week has been really busy. Justice graduated from Kindergarten, and I found me some off-the-farm work. I plan a little blogging for later today, but for now, here's the scoop.

Peppers are in. Most of the flowers are in. I picked up a clematis today for the lamppost in front; now I just need a Tumnus statue. If anyone has seen one anywhere, please let me know. Sheep will be getting a new home, soon, and John will be installing posts for that this weekend. Soon they'll be grazing on the front lawn. I feel so British!!

I want to find a spot for a watermelon and a cantaloupe; I'll be checking my companion planting guide later on. And I picked up some Bush Table Ace acorn squash plants today. Loooove that acorn squash! Bake it, mash it, add a little butter and maple syrup...See; fall in the garden can be fun, too!

Have a great Saturday!

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